Adult Dating - How To Break The Ice Online?

If you are attracted to a stranger on an online adult dating site. You may find it hard to initiate the conversation. There is always a fear in mind what impact my first message will leave on that person and will it attract him/her towards me or take away with a bad impression. Well! Everyone face this trouble as a beginner on dating websites. But you can find few easy to follow tips and tricks to break the ice and welcome that attractive personality into your life.

Here we are going to talk about some of the most successful and creative ideas to open the conversation online.

Never ever start with a "Hey"

Right from childhood, we are taught to initiate conversation with a stranger using this common word "Hey". But it will not work on online adult dating site. If you are really in hope of some reply from another person then this work could spoil your dreams and you will not get anything back. It is good to be little creative with your first messages. And you can ask people about their lifestyle preferences, musical taste or food preferences. You can collect few ideas about their interests from their profile and then frame the question in such a manner that they feel happy to answer.

Go with the age

Most of the dating apps keep on showing the age of the person on their profile so it can help you to make an easy decision about what should be your first message. For example, the youngsters in the age group of 18 to 23 often like surprising and novel kind of questions and they will preferably respond.

Ladies love food questions and guys get impressed with invites

Research shows that almost 98% guys will respond to messages that have some invites in them like dinner soon? Free on weekend? Etc. On the other side, girls are more likely to answer when talks are related to food.


It is time to be honest. When we like someone on a dating profile, we often prefer to check their photographs. Now, when you have already spent much time to analyze their photo then why not to use this advantage for your first message? If he/she has posted a photo of a pet you can initiate the conversation by mentioning how lovely the pet looks.

A good conversation

If you have read their profile and they have mentioned that they love traveling, you may start by asking a question about that. Praising a site and then asking if they have visited it or asking a question that you are planning a trip so what would be the best location as per your experiences. Probably, these tricks can help you to start a healthy conversation today and you both will come close soon. Have a lovely dating life. Good Luck!

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