Hookup Tips - Things About Scammers

Online dating or hookup is fun but it is challenging as well. You need to make efforts to stay safe from scammers as they are many in numbers and can be found on most of the adult online dating sites. They may try to attract you more but at the same time, they will do some suspicious activities. Yeah! You read it right. They can be easily identified from their strange activities but you can do this only if you know the tricks.

Here are few tips that will help you to identify the scammers on adult dating site:

Do you have video or telephonic conversations?

Most of the people love to prefer telephonic conversations and video chatting to stay in touch with their partner. This practice is common in online adult dating as well. But if you are in contact with a scammer, you will find them making excuses for real conversations. They often keep on saying that they don't have a camera, or there is a shortage of time. But you know well that everyone has a smartphone these days and it can help you to contact via Skype and many other video calling apps. So, probably the person is trying to hide something. Be careful!

Check their public records:

Try to find that person in public records. If he holds a real identity then you will find details same as he has mentioned on his profile. But if you are chatting with a scammer then you will find lots of complaints against that person on the public platform. It may also happen that the photograph that he has uploaded on his profile is actually any other person. The public records may also help you to identify divorce details, bankruptcy cases, and personal details as well.

Do you have his/her real-time photographs?

When people are connected via hookup sites, they often keep on sharing their real-time photographs with each other. When you chat, ask for the real-time photo and if they make some excuses or refuse to give then they are raising the red flag. You can also do Google image search to check if the photos transferred by them is real or it belongs to someone else in the world.

Do they have real friends?

Generally, people keep on sharing their life on social media sites while having fun with friends and colleagues. You can find them tagging each other in common photographs and sharing many social media activities. But a scammer will not be involved in such kind of connections and will stay hidden by all means.

Do they answer your realistic questions?

You might have observed many times, they never answer direct questions rather they keep on distracting you. When the person is not ready to share information even after a long-term healthy relationship online then consider it a red flag and take preventive steps.

Moreover, their stories will never match up with real life and their profile. You need to be careful in your observations because, with all the fun, your safety is always the first priority.

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